After the Home Run Derby, commissioner Manfred stated that Aaron Judge could be the new face of Major League Baseball. However, he is already wrong. After that performance, Aaron Judge is the face of MLB. Guys like Harper and Trout may even be more talented than Judge, but Judge’s infectious smile, incredible size, and mind-blowing power give him an edge. On top of that, he plays on the Yankees. Arguably the home of the last face of the league in Derek Jeter.

During the derby, Judge launched shot after mesmerizing shot to the back of Marlin Park. The crowd erupted after every blast, and the thing is, this type of performance mesmerized viewers that weren’t even baseball fans.

So far, Judge leads the league with 30 home runs before the All-Star break, and he showed no signs of slowing his pace. Fans love power, and Judge gives as much power as anyone could hope for. In fact, he has already started his own cult following within the Yankees fanbase.

With the performance last night, Judge has now brought his name into the national spotlight, and with a great performance tonight, he could solidify his reputation. In all of baseball history, there has never been a player with the power that Judge possesses, and he could usher in a new era of professional baseball.

All rise! The Judge has entered.

Is Aaron Judge the new face of MLB?