Congratulations are in order as Alex Cora rejoins Boston— this time as a manager.

The Red Sox announced that Cora, the current Houston Astros bench coach, will come on as a new manager under a three-year contract following the October 11 termination of John Farrell.

Farrell, prior to his release, worked five seasons with the Red Sox. The season, unfortunately, ended for the Red Sox after their loss of Game 4 against the Astros in the American League Division series.

Before going into retirement in 2011, Cora played 14 seasons with a number of major league teams, including the four seasons he experienced with the Red Sox.

The Puerto Rican native will become the team’s 47th manager; however, due to the Astros advancing to the World Series, Cora will not take over until after the series against the Dodgers is over.

Cora is overjoyed to be returning to the team on which he won the 2007 World Series. “Returning to the Red Sox and the city of Boston is a dream come true for me and my family, and I look forward to working towards the ultimate goal of winning another championship for this city and its great fans.”

And although he is preparing his departure from Houston after just a year, he is acknowledging the great team Cora is leaving behind. “I want to express my appreciation for Jim Crane, Jeff Luhnow, A.J. Hinch, and the entire Houston Astros organization for giving me the chance to start my coaching career,” he said. “It has been a very special season and an incredible organization to be a part of and I am looking forward to the World Series and winning with this group.”

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