Alexander Gustafsson had a lot going on the night of UFC Fight Night 109 in Stockholm, Sweden. Of course, he was going up against Glover Teixeira in a title fight. But he had so much more on his mind when he entered the Octagon.

His life has pretty much been completely changed in just the last thirty days. He welcomed his first daughter into the world a few weeks ago when his girlfriend Moa Antonia Johansson gave birth to her. That’s a life changing moment.

What A Proud Moment For The Couple

Having a daughter puts everything into perspective. Being a UFC fighter doesn’t seem as important anymore. Your life is for your daughter and the UFC takes second place.

But that doesn’t mean the UFC isn’t important. Alexander Gustafsson entered the Octagon the other night for the first time as a father and he had a lot on his shoulders. The first thing was winning. The title was on the line. But there was something else going on too.

Do You Think She Was Surprised?

Gustafsson had plans to propose to his girlfriend. That’s how much was weighing on him. Would he still propose if he had lost? It wouldn’t be as great of a moment if he went down on one knee in the middle of the Octagon after losing the fight. That’s for sure.

But that’s not the way it went. Gustaffson knocked Teixeira out in the fifth round quite impressively after a series of punches. So at Teixeria’s expense, Gustaffson was able to get down on one knee with his dignity still intact.

Some women only get a knee in the middle of a restaurant. Some only get a proposal on the jumbotron in the middle of a game. Not all proposals are the best and they aren’t all alike. But this one goes down as one of the most awesome proposals ever. What a way to start a family life together with a daughter and now she’s got the ring!

What If She Had Said No?

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