In a somewhat surprising deal, the Portland Trail Blazers have dealt Allen Crabbe to the Brooklyn Nets, for a very low price. In fact, they just received Andrew Nicholson in return, and they are preparing to waive him. This is pretty clearly a salary dump for Portland.

The lights-out shooter joins an underwhelming Nets squad, and he will likely start. With D’Angelo Russell, Caris LeVert, and Allen Crabbe in the fold, the Nets are starting to become an intriguing young team. If Crabbe’s defense can improve, he may become a force in the Eastern Conference. This past season, Crabbe shot 47% from the field and 44% from downtown. As a top scorer on the Nets team, he could average 16+ points without a problem.

On the Portland side, they have now created the means to be part of a three-way deal involving Carmelo Anthony. Sadly, they likely won’t be the team landing the star. In all likelihood, Ryan Anderson will end up on the Blazers, and Carmelo will soon end up in Houston.

This is a very strange move for the Blazers, since Anderson certainly won’t put them over the top and, frankly, Melo wouldn’t help them over the top either. Portland is capped out, with very little to show for it.

Will this move pay off for either team? Only time will tell, but at least the Nets got a piece that they were trying to land in last season’s free agency period. This move may even help the Nets to squeak into the eighth seed of the Eastern Conference. You never know!

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