After being a very popular prospect, Alex Bregman has been ok, but he hasn’t wowed anyone at the hot-corner. So far this year, he’s only hitting .256 with 27 RBIs through 84 games. Underwhelming to say the least.

That being said, on Friday morning a fan tweeted out that Sale would be a much better piece of the team than Alex Bregman. Before Sale was moved to Boston, the White Sox actually had a deal in place with Houston, but the Astros didn’t want to part with Bregman. It seemed like a bad move by Houston at the time, and it still seems like a very bad decision.

The Fan’s original tweet:



Now, most professional athletes are used to criticism on Twitter, but apparently Bregman didn’t take kindly to it. He fired a DM at Allen H, but he apparently forgot about screenshotting being a thing…



Frankly, Allen was very articulate and reasonable throughout the entire conversation, while Bregman just seemed like a pissed-off child. This is a very bad look for Bregman, and hopefully the Astros will take disciplinary action.



Sadly for the Astros, this may be the biggest talking point in the news during the All-Star Break. Perhaps they’ll consider trading him now.

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