Recently, the Ball family has hit the news almost every day, due primarily to the bombastic nature of their leader, Lavar. The first statement that put Lavar in the spotlight was when he claimed that in his prime he could beat Jordan in one on one. That statement seems to be over the top, but Ball backed it up once again on the Colin Cowherd show. Lavar said that he was quicker, bigger, and stronger than MJ, so he could back him up and shoot a jumper over him.

The Ball family made the headlines again when they released Lonzo Ball’s shoe at a hefty $495 price tag. This release from the Big Baller Brand caused a stir in the sports world, with supporters and critics on both sides. The gimmick worked for the brand though, and the story went completely viral. In fact, the Ball family has been a headline in the news since Lavar started doing interviews.

On Tuesday, the 16th of May, the Lakers won the #2 overall spot in the NBA draft lottery. This almost solidifies the chances of Lonzo Ball going to the Lakers on draft day, and Lavar has stated that the Lakers are the only team that he will work out for.
From a basketball perspective, Lonzo makes a lot of sense for the Lakers. He is a fantastic distributor, and his ability to make his teammates better will turn the Lakers into a playoff team. On defense he is quick, and his 6’6” size allows him to guard multiple positions. Given the fact that LA does not have a great playmaker, it would be a huge surprise to see Lonzo Ball fall past the 2 spot in the draft.

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