With the ever-increasing cap, it’s likely that many stars will be on the move this offseason. Plus, the Warriors have put a lot of pressure on the rest of the league to start forming their own star-studded squads. Now, plenty of teams don’t have the cap room to sign another star. For instance, the Cavaliers are completely maxed out. They aren’t going to add another piece unless they deal someone like Kevin Love. Boston on the other hand has enough cap space to add that star, and doing so may make them a lot more dangerous.

Rumors from the front offices have it that the Celtics are targeting two players in particular. Blake Griffin and Gordon Hayward could both be helpful additions to the Boston front-court.

With Blake Griffin in the lineup, Horford would move to center, and the rest of the lineup would be Isaiah at the point, Avery Bradley at SG, Jae Crowder at SF, Griffin at PF, and Horford at C. Frankly, this move would not help the team that much. Certainly, they’d win more regular season games, but they would still be lacking a go-to scorer at the end of the game. Isaiah is a great player, but he’s just too small to be the man at the end of the game. On top of that, this lineup couldn’t beat Golden State, and it’s unlikely that they could even get by the Cavaliers.

Gordon Hayward is another good option for the team. However, he would replace Crowder in the starting lineup, and that would leave Amir Johnson as the starter at power-forward. Hayward would give Boston a great scorer in the clutch, but once again, this name would not push the team over the Cavaliers or the Warriors.

Sadly, neither of these moves will improve Boston’s playoff prospects. If both players were added, that would be a different story, but that just isn’t possible from a monetary perspective. The Celtics would be better off if they tried to get younger and build for the future. They have the #1 pick this year, so that would be a fantastic start.

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