What could be better than your team winning the World Series title for the first time in franchise history? Sealing the deal with the woman of your dreams. Stealing hearts over stealing bases, but only this time.

After Houston triumphed over the Dodger in Game 7, Correa took what he called the biggest step in his life when he asked Daniella Rodriguez to spend their lives together. The plan to pop the question added extra pressure since the Astros needed to get the win for step one.

So how did it happen? No, you didn’t miss the box in his pocket the entire night. Correa arranged with the clubhouse attendant to bring out the ring in the ninth inning if the team snagged the win. As for the plan B, if the team lost, there really wasn’t a plan. “Plan B? If we lost, I would have been crying,” Correa jokes.

Thankfully the team was in on it and planned to make sure their shortstop got to pop the question. Alex Bregman, third baseman for the Astros, said the team had known about the proposal plan for a couple of days. Apparently Correa initially wanted to pull out the ring at the end of Game 6, but the Astros’ loss caused him to push it back.

The Astros successfully closed out the game in a 5-1 lead. Adding a ring was the perfect way to celebrate the major win. Well played, Correa.

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