With Phil Jackson out of the way, the Knicks are still looking to deal Carmelo Anthony. Now that a lot of deals have gone down, there is really only one team that makes sense. So far this offseason, the Houston Rockets have been very persistent in their pursuit of Anthony, and Carmelo has already stated that he will waive his no-trade clause to join Chris Paul and James Harden in Houston.

At this point, it’s just a matter of details and salaries. Carmelo has full control over where he will land, and Houston is the only contender that still has room for him. A big 3 on that team will certainly make the West very interesting.

Nene actually posted an Instagram picture of Melo in Rockets gear before deleting it shortly thereafter:

Will he be able to play with Harden and Paul? That could be a bigger question, but at this point in their careers, all three are capable of being team players, and they all will do whatever it takes to win. Playing in D’Antoni’s system will provide all of them plenty of shots, and the Rockets may be the highest scoring team in the league with all three superstars.

Carmelo is not the greatest defender in the world, but he should be adequate at the PF position, which he will play in order to keep Ariza in the starting lineup.

Will Carmelo end up with the Rockets? It’s tough to say, but he won’t start the season with the Knicks, so there is a very strong chance that the move happens.

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