Kyrie Irving has demanded a trade, and it appears that the Cavaliers are going to grant his request. It’s tough to say who is at fault here, but the organization definitely holds some of the responsibility. During this offseason, Irving was almost traded in a deal for Eric Bledsoe, and there may have been other deals on the table that we didn’t hear about. Either way, the Cavaliers made it clear that they valued LeBron’s input way more than they value Irving.

On top of the organization, Kyrie also felt like his contributions weren’t appreciated while playing alongside James. He felt that James was a ball and attention hog. It seems as if LBJ doesn’t mind if Kyrie leaves, and dealing Kyrie may actually help the team gain pieces in the short term. From what James has said, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be in Cleveland after this year, so his plan works perfectly.

With his trade offer, Kyrie has listed Miami, Minnesota, San Antonio, and New York as his preferred destinations, but a deal with Phoenix seems the most likely. The deal with Phoenix would probably include Eric Bledsoe, and possibly someone like Jared Dudley. Another amusing option would be if they dealt him to Minnesota and brought Andrew Wiggins back to Cleveland. While that would be poetic, the first option is more likely to happen.

Regardless of what happens, this Cavaliers debacle has given us something interesting to talk about during a rather boring offseason. It’s safe to say that we haven’t heard the last of the drama from Cleveland.

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