Dak Prescott may have affected his bottom line with this latest scandal. Were the memorabilia items that fans were buying actually signed by Dak Prescott? For some reason, there is a big issue about this and companies might start backing out of deals with him as well as fans being reluctant to buy.

Watching him sign the memorabilia in front of you is one thing. Of course, that’s legitimate. It’s not like he walks around with an Autopen Machine under his arm. But it appears one or several of them have been used to sign the gear that is purchased online.

Dak Prescott Took Over Last Year And Made Waves

Dak Prescott

How mad would you be if you found out that the card you bought wasn’t even held by him? That an Autopen signed it and he didn’t even see the thing? That would make many fans boil and Dak was just getting started.

He took over after Tony Romo was sidelined due to an injury. His reign went from 2006 to 2015. But Dak stole the spotlight in 2016 and threw for 3,667 yards. The Cowboys had a great 13-3 season that sent them to the playoffs. That’s when Dak started getting the phone calls.

Has He Ruined His Endorsement Deals?

Dak Prescott

Kate Hairopoulos of the Dallas Morning News made the observation, “His Twitter feed tells part of the tale, with mentions of Nicholas Air, which offers private air travel. Then there’s Welch’s Fruit Snacks, which supplied some kids with free spots to his camps. The Adidas logo is easy to spot scrolling through. Then there’s Prescott grinning in his No. 4 jersey and holding a Pepsi in one hand and a bag of Tostitos in the other. A new deal with Campbell’s Chunky Soup was announced last week.”

Could Dak Prescott have ruined the deals that require autographs? Fans pay more for that stuff because they want it to be authentic. Dak will have to do some PR work if he’s going to turn this one around!

Why Would You Do This To The Fans?

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