After being caught and detained for shoplifting during their team’s visit to China, three UCLA freshman basketball players were finally sent back home Tuesday, and they can thank some government officials for saving their behinds.

LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill, and Cody Riley were arrested last week after stealing goods from three separate stores, and were consequently forced to hand over their passports. But thankfully for the trio, U.S. President Donald Trump happened to already be making his own tour of Asia, and was able to directly engage with Chinese President Xi Jinping regarding the matter.

Trump was reportedly able to bring down the boys’ charges to misdemeanors, and if he hadn’t, the UCLA players would’ve been facing up to 10 years of jail time. And once they arrived home without a problem, the president took to Twitter, ominously wondering if the players would directly thank him for his efforts to help them.

Well, they did just that in a press conference on Wednesday morning, wasting no time to thank him for expediting the process of releasing them from custody. All three read from previously prepared statements on behalf of the UCLA athletics department, and they also thanked the Chinese officials for treating them fairly.

LiAngelo Ball started things off, saying that, “I’d also like to thank President Trump and the United States government for the help that they provided as well.”

Jalen Hill followed suit. “Thank you to the United States government and President Trump for your efforts to bring us home,” he said.

And Cody Riley also gave his thanks, perhaps sounding the most sincere: “To President Trump and the United States government: Thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf. We really appreciate you helping us out.”

Afterwards, Trump got right back on his Twitter account to reiterate the life lesson the players should take away from this, also mentioning that they should be happy with the cooperation from Xi Jinping.

UCLA athletics have suspended all three players indefinitely for their actions, and sources are saying that the exact length of the ban is still being decided.

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