After 18 years of gracing the airwaves with their sports expertise and friendly conversation, Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg have signed off of ESPN radio for the final time. Both hosts brought their families on the broadcast to bid their audience farewell on the morning of November 17.

The radio program began on January 3, 2000, and quickly took off from being just a morning show to becoming a simulcast that began to be featured on ESPNNews in 2004. A steep increase in listeners and viewers allowed the show to move to ESPN2 by 2006, and cemented it as one of the network’s most successful programs.

Though both of the hosts have had their fair share of disagreements like many on-air duos do, both Mikes put their differences aside in the final days leading up to their last broadcast. Along the way, they invited many guests onto the show that would end up becoming ESPN regulars, including Jemele Hill, Chris Mortenson, and Louis Reddick.

During the final segment of their last show, Mike Greenberg addressed the show’s sole purpose. “Through all of it we have sat here, we have done our best and tried to make people a little bit less miserable in their mornings. If we have succeeded in that, then we accomplished everything we needed to,” he said.

Moving forward, Golic will continue to host an ESPN radio program with new partner Trey Wingo beginning on November 27, and it will also be stationed in Bristol, Connecticut. That program will also be simulcast on ESPNU beginning in January.

Greenberg, on the other hand, will be moving to a higher level of television at ESPN, where he will be hosting the network’s newest morning show with Michelle Beadle, Jalen Rose, and a yet-to-be-named third co-host. Not only will it be hosted from their studios in New York, but it will also be competing against major morning programming like Good Morning America and the Today Show.

During Mike & Mike’s final goodbye, they both thanked their viewers for the very last time.

“Final words, from our families to yours, thank you,” said Greenberg. “Thank you very much. Mike and Mike signing off,” Golic concluded.

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