Players in Yankee stadium took a knee after a young girl took a hit to the face from a 105-mph foul ball.

It is too soon to tell if the girl will need surgery but her father says she’s doing all right.

The foul ball came from Todd Frazier of the New York Yankees. Frazier, who has two young children, said he was shaken up. “I hope she is all right. It is something that I wish never happened.” He continued, “It was tough. Tough to watch. Tough to be a part of, to be honest.”

During the four-minute delay of the game Frazier was visibly upset. Yankees’ Matt Holliday and Twins’ Brian Dozier were at second base in tears.

The child was with her grandfather in lower-level seating just behind the third-base line and the protective netting in the stadium only extends between the home plate side of the dugouts.

Following the incident, several major league teams have begun planning to expand the length of their fan-safety netting.

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