The Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight, has generated a ton of controversy. That’s what the fight is meant to do. It’s important to enjoy it now because the fight will be terrible. The fact of the matter is, McGregor isn’t going to be competitive, but eve on the off chance that he is, Floyd’s fights are terrible to watch anyway. Given Floyd’s reputation, it’s understandable why people want Conor to win, but as their training videos show, it’s not even going to be close.

On Thursday, Floyd released a video of his training, which led to Conor releasing one of his own… You decide what they look like, but hopefully, this isn’t McGregor’s real workout. If it is, He’s going to be in big trouble.

The fact of the matter is, there is no way that a UFC fighter can beat the greatest technical boxer of all time. Now, if McGregor were able to throw a few kicks or take Floyd to the ground, it would be a completely different story. In a free-for-all fight, McGregor would be the clear favorite. However, we are talking about boxing, and this is where Floyd reigns supreme.


Here are the videos the two fighters released:


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