Former NHL forward Jiri Hudler recently earned himself some backlash regarding his character when he made what seemed to be a harmless request to a flight attendant during a trip from New York to Prague. His words: “Bring me coke.”

When the Delta flight attendant returned to Mr. Hudler’s seat with a bottle of Coca-Cola, he allegedly clarified that he hadn’t been asking for the sugary carbonated beverage, but rather for the illegal stimulant drug, cocaine.

The flight attendant of course refused, which is when she says he became significantly less cooperative.

According to CBS, the Delta flight staff has alleged that Hudler became extremely belligerent after the attendant’s refusal to bring him drugs, and even threatened to have the crew member killed upon their arrival at their final destination.

Furthermore, Hudler is accused of actually doing cocaine in the plane’s bathroom, and then attempting to urinate on the food cart.

A local Czech paper, iSport, reported that Hudler was arrested upon his arrival in Prague, and that he denied the event almost entirely.

“Nothing happened, it was just such a small incident,” Hudler said. “Probably when we talk about it, it was not quite normal.”

Perhaps somewhat ironically, CBS noted that the Czech hockey player was the recipient of 2015’s NHL Lady Byng trophy, which is given to the “player adjudged to have exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability.”

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