The Georgia Dome hosted the Olympics, Super Bowl, and Final Four but after 25 years and over 1,400 events, the building is now a pile of debris.

The dome was once the home of the Atlanta Falcons, who took the move to the brand new $1.6 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium next door.

The blast that took down the stadium went off just after 7:30 am. Within 15 seconds, the 5,000 pound of explosives collapsed the majority of the building. In an effort to protect the new stadium, a five-story high-strength covering was set up. The implosion team is inspecting the remaining of the dome.

Following the estimated three months worth of clean up, the space will be transformed into a hotel, with additional downtown parking and green space perfect for tailgating.

Breaking Ground
Construction on the Georgia Dome commenced in November 1989 and concluded March 1992. At the time of opening, the dome held the title of the largest covered stadium in the world. The Georgia Dome brought in over 39 million guests. From the Falcons and Georgia State University to the annual Peach Bowl and the Southeastern Conference Football Championship, fans kept the seats warm through the years.

The Dome was known as the home of the Atlanta Falcons. Head coach of the Falcons Dan Quin remembers the stadium fondly because of the fans. “That’s the first thing you remember about a place, the enthusiasm of the fans and a city and what it brings to a stadium. That’s what I think of, the fans, the city and the love they have for the team.”

Although it was not the Falcons’ original home, it was the stadium that saw the team’s most success as they took 10 winning seasons — even reaching the playoffs nine times.

The Falcons’ win over the Green Bay Packers in January sent them to Super Bowl LI. The 44-21 victory was the last game played in the dome and a beautiful close to the Georgia Dome legacy. “For the fans, for this city and for the teams that rocked this place for 25 years, we felt your energy from the very beginning,” Quinn said following the victory. “So it’s only fitting, at the NFC Championship Game, the last game played here, we felt that, too.” The stadium officially closed June 9, 2017.

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