When a fight like the Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor fight is coming up, you know the promotions are going to be off the chain. They put those two fighters on stage for a reason. One is for entertainment value itself. The other is to pump up that total purse because Mayweather has to pay those taxes.

You can tell by the fact that Dana White had the hugest smile on his face that he was anticipating some good trash talk. But did he know how far it would go? He might have had a clue.

So what happened? Mayweather and McGregor attacked each other. Mayweather called McGregor a homophobic slur. But no one’s really talking about that because McGregor came back with, “Dance for me, boy!”

Is Conor McGregor A Racist?

Conor McGregor

That’s the moment the internet blew up. Everyone with opinions hit their Twitters and their Facebooks to talk about that. Journalists were all over it in their online articles. What he said overshadowed anything Mayweather used to cut him down.

So, how did Mayweather take it? He’s playing it up as racism while playing down how it affected him. But was it racism? Mayweather Sr. commented, “Racist? I don’t know what that got to do with race. This is a boxing match. I don’t know what that got to do with no racists.”

Is Mayweather Using It To his Advantage?

Conor McGregor

McGregor himself has addressed what he said and denies that it was racism: “You can be fooled by him if you want to be fooled by him. You know the man’s character and his history. He’s trying to sway people in his favor and it’s a cheap move.” Of course, then he went on to say that he was half-black below the waist.

Besides the fact that McGregor has often referred to his opponents as “boy,” the internet seems intent on keeping McGregor’s statement in the racist box. That’s why TMZ was there to ask Mayweather.

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