Sunday night’s contest between the New York Giants and Denver Broncos was a surprise to say the least, with the winless Giants defeating one of the best defenses in the league in Denver.

Instead, the most dominant defensive player on the field was New York defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. But JPP was playing with some inspiration he received during practice the week before.

Last Friday, a young Giants fan named Hayden got to make a special trip to the team’s practice facilities and meet a bunch of the players, but the 7-year-old made a special connection with JPP.

Though Hayden is in the midst of a tough battle with cancer, his spirits were high when interacting with the team. But little did he know that his infectious presence would be celebrated on Sunday.

Jason Pierre-Paul notched an impressive three-sack game, and on one of those particular plays, the Giants end used the celebration he learned from Hayden.

JPP had promised Hayden that if he was able to sack the quarterback in Denver on Sunday, he’d do the dance Hayden taught him at practice. So after the game, number 90 took to Instagram to repost a picture from the young fan’s visit.

“Got three for my boy Hayden tonight and I did his dance, keep fighting buddy. #90PowerCircle,” he captioned the photo.

Got three for my boy Hayden tonight and I did his dance, keep fighting buddy. #90PowerCircle

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It would be quite the dream for any young football fan to design dances for their favorite players, but for Hayden, it means a lot more. Hopefully when he saw his signature moves displayed on national TV, he felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness.

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