Julio Jones recently took a ride on a jet ski, but not everything went quite as planned. The star wide receiver took a tumble into the water and when he emerged, he had lost one of his diamond earrings. It turns out that the earring was worth over $150,000…

After the incident, Julio immediately hired a team of divers to scour the bottom of the lake. Sadly, the valuable jewelry fell between the nooks and crevices at the bottom, and the divers declared that it would be impossible to find and retrieve.

The divers ended up going down 65 feet, and were disappointed to come up empty handed. For his part, Jones was just relieved that nobody was hurt. He told WXIA, “As long as I’m good, it’s materialistic stuff, and you always get that kind of stuff back.” We are glad to see he knows his priorities in life. Jewelry can always be replaced. 

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