If you’re a sports fan, you know the drill. It’s sometime late in the game. The sides are set, the winners and losers more or less a foregone conclusion. As the stadium staff is often wont to do, the Jumbotron is fired up and random faces from the crowd are put on display for the rest of the revelers to enjoy/mock/cheer. Of course, there’s always a kissing couple.

Most Brides Wish Their Engagement Moment Would Happen Here

Isn’t it just soooooo romantic?

Then there are those who you know are headed to marriage counseling, or at the very least, won’t be making this date mistake again. And then there are the proposals, the athletics enhanced “will you marry me?”s that beg the question – why here? Why in front of thousands of strangers in a way that could easily become a source of social media criticism for months to come?

Sometimes, They Happen Here

This? Not so much.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to┬álongtime Yankee fan Andrew Fox. Hoping his longtime gal pal Heather would be receptive to getting hitched, he planned for a late inning knee drop, followed by the inevitable question popping. All seemed to be going well.

This Was Andrew Fox’s Plan For Girlfriend Heather

Guess which team they root for?

When the Jumbotron cameras finally made their way to Andrew’s section, he was ready. He had the words memorized. He had the facial gestures down pat. He even had the ring. Eventually, this big moment arrived. Andrew got ready and then…disaster struck.

It All Seemed To be Going Well..

They seem SO happy…

And Then This Happened

Can somebody say “OOPS!”

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