More Ball drama went down at the AAU Adidas Summer Championships. LaVar threatened to pull his players off the court after receiving a technical foul. After some discussion, the tournament officials decided to replace the female ref in question, and the game resumed.

Afterward, Lavar told ESPN that the referee had a vendetta against him. Furthermore, he claimed that the referee was out of shape, and that she simply had no idea what she was doing. Plus, she didn’t have enough games on her résumé to justify the fact that she was reffing such a high stakes game.


Here is the footage of LaVar’s tech:



Immediately after, LaVar told his team to leave:



After the referee was replaced, Ball still ended up receiving a second technical foul, and the game was called early. The Big Baller Brand lost to Team BBC, 53-43. Regardless of how bad the ref was, LaVar’s conduct is unjustified. It’s one thing to stand up for your team, but you also have to give the team a chance to win in spite of the refs.

Was LaVar’s outburst called for?