Most assumed that LaVar wouldn’t make the news much after Lonzo was drafted… How wrong we were. The Ball family patriarch attended Monday Night RAW with LaMelo and Lonzo. Clearly, they were promoting the Big Baller Brand, but LaVar’s antics were too out there, even for WWE. That’s saying something! They literally had to cut him off because he was getting out of hand.



Lonzo first thanked the crowd for the applause and said how happy he was to finally be in Staples Center. However, his father really stole the show from the beginning. First LaVar ran into the ring and dove under the ropes. Then things really started getting out of hand when his shirt came off…



The night came about because of a partnership between Big Baller Brand and Dean Ambrose. While some may criticize LaVar for his crazy antics, there is no doubting that the man is a marketing genius. Not only did he land a partnership with WWE, but he also made his main marketing event go completely viral. Love him or hate him, the marketing simply works.

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