LeBron may be an NBA MVP, but he’s also an aspiring businessman. His most recent business investment, Blaze Pizza, has proven to be one of his most successful endeavors yet.

The chain was only just founded in 2011, but already Forbes has called it the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the United States, with its 200th franchise just recently opening. LeBron serves on the board as an investor, franchisee, and company endorser and uses his super stardom to really boost the company’s brand. “LeBron helps us punch in terms of our brand awareness well above our weight,” says Blaze Pizza CEO Jim Mizes.

LeBron became an investor back in 2012, and now owns about 10 percent of the company. He’s proven himself most adept at making successful business decisions off the court, and the success of Blaze Pizza has likely been due to the basketball star’s fame.

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