Addison Reed

Addison was acquired to help fill the gap for Familia, but his services don’t seem to be needed anymore for a team that is not making the playoffs. At this point, the Mets are better off heading into sell mode, since they certainly aren’t catching up to the dominant Nationals. Bruce and Duda are also likely to be headed out the door, but Reed is definitely the most attractive trade-bait. The 28-year-old righty has a stellar 2.72 ERA on the season, so it’s likely that he’ll end up closing or setting up for a contender in the near future.

Johnny Cueto

The Giants have started 26 and 46, and this is clearly not the type of start that they wanted. While Posey and Bumgarner won’t be moving, anyone else on the roster is fair game. Out of the rest of the players, Johnny Cueto is almost certainly going to be traded. He’s having a bad season this year, but last season he was an absolute beast. Any contender wanting to bolster their rotation would be more than happy to have him.

Brandon Belt

The 29-year-old also belongs to the dejected Giants. He has a lot of value, and he’ll likely be moved because Posey needs to start the transition to first base. The years behind the plate have taken a toll on Posey, so that move will likely resurrect his career. Unfortunately, Belt is the collateral damage of that move. It’d be a completely different story if the Giants had a DH spot available. Looking at you, MLB!

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