Watching NFL football is one of the most exciting things in a sports fan’s life. We wait over half a year for the season to start. We get depressed when the season is over. It’s a huge rush if you love football and it’s mainly about the brutal hits.

Great plays are what we’re looking to see. Every game has a few. You might see a long pass turn into a touchdown. A running back might break through the line and run half the field. Interceptions and fumbles, long kicks and last second touchdowns are the stuff we crave.

That’s football! But, what really makes football are all the huge hits. These guys are out there for blood. We can taste it when we’re sitting on the couch watching the game. Just imagine how all the players on the field feel. They are hungry and it looks like they’re trying to kill each other.

A Hit On New England

giants on patriots

If you’re left open on the field, you’re pretty much unprotected. It can get very brutal out there. Players are trying to hit so hard that the ball pops out. That means that sometimes bones get broken and heads get concussed. If you make it to the NFL, get ready for some brutal hits.

Brutal Hits Out Of Bounds

hit out of bounds

The out of bounds is supposed to be where the hitting stops. But in the heat of play, it’s hard for a player to stop himself from hitting the guy he’s been trained on and chasing down. Of course, the ref called this one. But, those hits can still hurt a player.

In The Middle Of The Field

midfield hit

The middle of the field is a particularly dangerous place. Running across and meeting a linebacker on the way can put a guy out of the game. It happens all the time and it’s very brutal.

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