Murray State defensive lineman Bishop Woods exchanged “I dos” with his longtime girlfriend Caitlin Myers in an unexpected (and rather unorthodox) location on September 12, 2017. The couple became husband and wife at midfield of Roy Stewart Stadium after practice in front of Woods’ teammates, and the ceremony was officiated by the offensive line coach, Brian Hamilton.

The whole thing was entirely unplanned — in fact, Woods learned during the day on Tuesday that his coach Brian Hamilton was an ordained minister, and asked him on the spur of the moment if he would be willing to conduct a ceremony.

“When?” Hamilton asked.

“Today?” Woods suggested.

“Sure, why not?” Hamilton replied.

Woods and Myers have been a couple since 2014, and they welcomed a son, Benjamin, into the world four months ago. They were tired of waiting to make their family legally official, so when Woods learned of Hamilton’s ordained ministry status, it seemed like an easy solution.

After receiving Hamilton’s consent, Woods called up Myers and told her the good news: They could have their wedding ceremony right there in front of their friends, without waiting any longer. She was in.

They had a brief rehearsal before practice, and when it was over, they had a wedding.

“We kind of made it up on the fly,” Woods said. “Coach Ham is one of my favorite coaches. He’s been teaching me a lot about fatherhood and other things.”

Hamilton was honored and thrilled to be able to play a part in the couple’s special moment.

“Life of being a college football coach,” Hamilton said. “You get to be a part of kids’ lives. It was fantastic for me to share that with them.”

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