NASCAR’s most popular driver and his wife, Amy, have been happily married since tying the knot on New Year’s Eve this past year. Now, with Dale Earnhardt Jr. retiring after the 2017 season, his future plans will be focused elsewhere.

In an announcement he first made on Instagram, Earnhardt let the world know that his wife is now expecting a baby girl. The post features a picture of some tiny pink Converse, which were sent to the couple by Amy’s sister, who is responsible for surprising them with the baby’s gender.

“You get an email with a link to click to find out the gender. We actually sent that to Amy’s sister in Texas and she ordered the shoes and mailed them to us. We opened the box on the front doorstep,” Earnhardt revealed in his first interview since making the announcement.

Dale Jr. will officially race for his last time in the Cup Series on November 19, which will surely give him time to prep for his daughter’s birth. Caring and raising her will undoubtedly become his full-time job from then on.

“I’m hearing so much advice already, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. This is something that Amy and I have been working toward for a long time. There are so many cool little moments. We have been sitting here giddy for so long, it is finally good to be able to tell everybody,” the 43-year-old superstar elaborated.

This comes in the wake of the news from May that his wife Amy will be appearing in a DIY Network series dealing with home renovation, which will likely begin after their child is born.

“It is a very exciting thing. Amy and I are thrilled and over the moon,” he continued, and he jokingly added a nice dad joke into the mix. “I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into,” he concluded.

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