There are so many moments when we hear about celebrities and athletes flying first class, being waited on hand and foot, getting to cut the line. But, we rarely hear about the times when they willing give that all up. However, that’s exactly what happened when pro athlete Thon Maker boarded a United Airlines flight recently.

The flight was having issues due to overbooking so, in an effort to speed up the process and get them airborne, Maker kindly agreed to leave his luxurious first class seat and move to the last row of economy. Keep in mind, he’s over seven feet tall and those seats don’t recline. It was there that he was seated next to stranger, Paul Kuzma, who claimed to be a distant cousin of Lakers player, Kyle Kuzma.

Paul later ended up sharing details of the whole incident in an endearing post to Facebook.

Here is an excerpt from that post:

I told him I was so sorry, knowing this would be uncomfortable for him. He nonchalantly said it was worth it to get this delayed flight going. He had practice to attend in the morning and had a 2+ hour drive to get where he was headed after landing.

“Who do you play for?,” I asked, thinking it would be a college. He answered, “the #MilwaukeeBucks.” I tried to not show surprise and asked how long he’d been with them. This is his 2nd year.

I’m a football guy, not an #NBA fan. I’m newly a little interested now that a 2nd cousin once removed (whom I didn’t know prior and have yet to meet), #KyleKuzma, was just drafted by the #Lakers. Kyle was a star of the #NBASummerLeague, winning MVP of the Championship Game. Turned out that, of course, Thon knows of Kyle.

I had to ask how in the world he ended up in the last row. He also had missed a flight and was rebooked on this one. He was assigned his original FIRST CLASS seat.

So, next time you’re complaining about flight delays, put on a smile and channel your inner Thon Maker. You’ll thank yourself in the end.

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