With so many animals in the world that are roaming free, it’s a full-time job to find as many as possible and get them in good homes. That’s why Pawject Runway is such an awesome deal. It definitely helps to have organizations like that one out there trying to help the situation.

The Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, was packed with attendees who were there to hopefully adopt cats and dogs from the animal shelter. But they were in for a big surprise when Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith got on the runway with microphone in hand and decided to make a huge announcement to the audience.

It’s sad that there are so many abandoned and neglected cats and dogs throughout the world. Just last week, a family visiting Florida found a stray dog and decided to adopt it right off the bat. When they got to Virginia, they realized they no longer wanted it and off to the shelter it went. The owners in Florida are probably looking for their dog. But he’s been relocated and that’s the shame of it all.

Nothing Like A Dog With An Awesome Hat

That’s one of the reasons why the problem keeps getting worse. Sometimes people pass away and their pets get left behind. Sometimes people can no longer afford their pets, so they have to suffer. It’s just one problem after another, and yet people keep bringing more pets into the world while we still have so many that can be adopted in the animal shelters.

The problem is that there is a process to adopting. First, there is a check that people have to go through. It’s not as extensive as trying to adopt a baby. But the shelter does have to make sure that you’re not adopting dogs to fight them or anything like that. Then there is the adoption fee. You would think that the shelter would just let the pet go to a good family. But adoption fees help fund the cost of keeping the shelter up and running.

That’s Where Torrey Smith Comes In

His announcement over the Pawject Runway weekend came as a huge surprise to all the people in attendance who may have been on the fence about adopting. Torrey and his wife Chanel had talked it over and decided to pay the adoption fees for all the cats and dogs that were there that night.

In all, 46 cats and dogs were saved that night and now they are in good homes. You’ve got to love when people step up to the plate like that. They put their money where their mouth is and they make it count. Because of them, 46 cats and dogs can sleep comfortably tonight and the owners of the homes they are in can be thankful they now have a worthy companion.

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