Game of Thrones has that uncanny knack for reaching out to people in almost every ring of interest and drawing them into the fantastical world of Westeros. Ed Sheeran fans had the opportunity during the current run of season seven to see their favorite ginger singer serenading the troops, but sports fans had a small tidbit to get excited about during this past week’s episode The Spoils of War.

In the episode’s climactic fiery battle, fans were treated to the fulfillment of a long-time promise of seeing the Mother of Dragons finally wreck shop, only this time against the Lannisters and a couple known and loved characters instead of some nameless slavers over across the pond.

It was during the final battle that New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard made a brief little cameo….actually it was more of a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment. Eagle-eyed fans were able to spot amidst the carnage and burning bodies a quick shot of Syndergaard — dressed in the garb of a Lannister soldier — appropriately hurling a spear towards an oncoming Dothraki warrior.

Just as in real life, Syndergaard’s arm proved most advantageous for his team as it hurled through the air and landed squarely into the horse. No doubt a spear thrown by someone with his forearm strength would have done far more damage than shatter the breastbone of a large horse. Unfortunately we couldn’t see his flowing golden locks, but rest assured they were there tucked away neatly under that helmet.

Syndergaard had previously revealed to Sports Illustrated that the scene was filmed in Spain and that he brought his parents along on set given the fact that they were the ones who first convinced him to watch the show in the first place.

For those hoping that the pitcher might possibly make a reappearance in future episodes, don’t hold your breath. His character likely suffered a very heated death like the rest of his fellow soldiers once Drogon showed up and turned the battlefield into a charred wasteland.

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