By all indications, O.J. Simpson will be granted parole on Thursday. There is almost no reason why his appeal won’t be granted, since his current sentence is for stealing his own stuff from some memorabilia dealers. Nevada was able to throw the book at him, though, since he was carrying a gun.

Clearly nobody had a problem with the sentence, since he famously beat the rap in his murder trial for the deaths of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. Frankly, many people would’ve been happy if O.J. had gotten a life sentence. It appears as if his time in prison is about to come to a close though.

The parole hearing will occur Thursday, and it will be televised. At 1 p.m. on that day, it will be the 1990s again, and we will have another O.J. bonanza. Simpson will get to argue why he deserves to get out. He has already served more than his share of time for the crimes that he committed, and he has been a model prisoner.

If he walks out of jail in October, there’s no telling what his life will be like. Will he return to celebrity status, or will he be scorned by polite society? In all likelihood, it will be the former, and our celebrity-obsessed society will fully embrace the ex-convict.

Regardless, if this case interests you at all, then you should be sure to tune in to O.J.’s hearing and watch the finale of his court drama.

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