Football powerhouse Odell Beckham Jr. was reduced to tears Sunday night as medical assistants prepared to remove him from the field following a weighty injury caused by Casey Hayward of the Los Angeles Chargers. Players patted Beckham in comfort as he shielded his distressed face.

When it rains, it pours. Sunday’s game was surely a thunderstorm for NFL team the New York Giants. Some could say Sunday was a bad day to be a Giants wide receiver as they were continuously knocked out of the game injury after injury.

Both Sterling Shepard and Brandon Marshall sustained ankle injuries in the second quarter before Dwayne Harris was carried off due to a foot fracture in the start of the third quarter. Beckham subsequently joined his teammates in the back following his injury and never returned.

With only four minutes left in the game, the Giants held a two-point lead over the Los Angeles Chargers. Beckham was going up for the ball when a pass interference by cornerback Hayward led to Beckham landing awkwardly. In obvious pain, Beckham lay on the field rocking back and forth as players crowded. The land caused him to fracture his left ankle, a season-ending injury.

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