For most of the working class, commuting is just another annoying part of life. Some would do anything to avoid having to do it every day, but Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is definitely making the most of it.

During this offseason, the Chargers moved to LA leaving Rivers and his family in San Diego with a hard decision. Rather than remove his wife and eight children from their home, friends, and schools, he chose to make the commute along with backup quarterback Kellen Clemens. However, they soon discovered they would be “wasting three hours” every day due to being unable to work while driving.


His solution to the problem? Rivers equipped an SUV with Wi-Fi, a satellite dish, and a 40-inch screen so he and Clemens can stay on top of their game and not waste any of their commuting time. In addition, he also hired a driver to chauffeur them to and from their destinations.

Rivers told a reporter, “My two biggest things were my family time and my preparation and what I owe this football team. I was not going to sacrifice either of them in any big proportion. I can look at all the pluses and minuses and say, ‘OK. This does it.’ This allows me to get home in the 6 to 7 hour, which is when I got home the last 11 years, and it allows me to watch all or more of the film I watched before.”


Taking the whole thing in stride, Rivers quipped that he might even hope for more traffic, allowing them to fit in a little extra work before they get home to their families.

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