Even though Ezekiel Elliott was attempting to fight for preliminary injunction to contest his suspension, a U.S. District Judge has shot his request down. Citing a few different reasons, Judge Katherine Polk Failla has upheld the Cowboys running back’s six-game suspension, effective after a 24-hour stay period.

The suspension took a full day to take effect in order “to afford the parties an opportunity to consider their appellate options.” However, it begins today, November 1, because even if the NFL Player’s Association attempts to appeal in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Tom Brady’s infamous “deflategate” case serves as the controlling precedent in the region.

The denial of the injunction took place Monday night, and Elliot is set to miss the next six contests, including three of which will come against divisional opponents. His return will be scheduled for December 17, which means he’ll miss the remainder of the regular season for fantasy owners who might’ve gotten lucky when Zeke’s original suspension was uplifted. However, for Dallas fans, he’ll make the return just in time for the most important stage of the NFL season.

Judge Failla noted that Elliott had ample opportunity to fight the evidence brought against him in the original arbitration hearing, and that the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement and personal conduct policy showcased that there was in fact fairness by precedent, and therefore no injunction was necessary.

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