Some people are in the right place at the right time. Actually, it was more like being in the most perfect place at the most perfect time when high school student Hershai James met Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman at a charity event. The conversation they had would change Hershai’s life.

TEAM EXCEL is run by Sherman’s former teammate Michael Robinson. “Mike is only trying to empower these kids to be everything that they can be, and if we can help with that with our presence, with our jerseys, with our words, we’ll do everything we can.” An autographed jersey from Sherman can go rather high in the auction and that’s not the only thing that gets auctioned off to help kids so they don’t get left behind in education.

Hershai James Graduating From Varina High

It was at last year’s event that Hershai met Richard Sherman. He encouraged her to get her grades up and to do that he offered her a scholarship that he would fund himself. “It’s an awesome feeling to see Richard Sherman do something like this behind the scenes to support Michael and his work with our TEAM EXCEL students. His offer to provide a scholarship shows that he has witnessed the growth and impact of the program over the past four years that he has been coming to Richmond to support Michael and Excel to Excellence. These are the types of acts that the public doesn’t see where pro athletes like Michael and Richard are working to impact the next generation of leaders. It also demonstrates the desire of our kids to excel and further their education.”

Hershai came through on her end. So, she contacted TEAM EXCEL’s executive producer who got ahold of Sherman. The NFL player will definitely be putting his money where his mouth is and Hershai will be attending Norfolk State University with one less thing to think about: how she’s going to pay for it.

Richard Sherman Works Hard And Plays Hard

It’s that type of spontaneous action that can help change the world. When someone who has it can help someone who needs it, that makes all the difference in the world. Sherman may have lost some fans over the years with his behavior on the field, but he’s gained more back with this type of charity work off the field.

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