Dwyane Wade’s tenure with the Chicago Bulls has come to an end and the San Antonio Spurs are now among the short list of teams who would like to snag him.

On Sunday Wade and the Bulls reached a buyout agreement where Wade would return $8 million of his $23.8 million salary rendering the baller a free agent.

The question remains: Where will he go next?

The Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and Oklahoma City Thunder are also leaders in landing Wade’s services.

Wade hinted on Sunday Night that he might be making a decision quickly.

“I’m going to take tonight and some of tomorrow and speak to the teams or players that are on my list and go from there,” explained Wade. “As the people around me knew, if I ever left Miami, playing in my hometown was something I needed to do before my career ended so I am thankful to the Bulls for that opportunity to live out a dream I’ve always had as a kid.”

Sunday night Wade also tweeted his thanks to the city and its fans.


As for his offers, Miami currently has the most money available with $4.2 million. The Spurs are right behind with $3.3 million. Cleveland would give Wade a chance to play next to long-time friend Lebron James again; however, with only $2.5 million to offer it seems the Cavs could face the same salary cap issue that arose during last summer’s attempt to recruit Wade.

Wade averaged 18 points in 60 games last season.

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