Richard Sherman, the all-pro cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, will miss the remainder of the NFL season after rupturing his achilles during a routine play in Thursday night’s game against the Arizona Cardinals.

The play occurred during the third quarter, and after making a sharp cut while covering Cardinals wide receiver John Brown, Sherman went down and immediately began grabbing his ankle.

The Seahawks’ medical team immediately knew what was ailing Sherman considering he was listed on the team’s injury report all week long, and the cornerback was also listed as questionable heading into Thursday’s contest. He noted that his achilles had been bothering him all season, and that he’d been trying to hold back when making quick movements on the field.

“I thought I could get the ball. Once it popped, just unfortunate,” he said emotionally after the game. “One of those things that you have to play through for as long as you can. When it goes, it goes. I’ve put a lot of stress on it. Think it would have gone eventually.”

Richard Sherman has never missed a game since entering the league back in 2011, but unfortunately, this injury will put an end to his impressive streak. When commenting on the injury, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said the team will desperately miss the star corner’s presence on the field.

“No coming back from that until you get surgery,” Carroll stated. “He’s been a bastion of consistency, competitiveness and toughness. We’re going to miss the heck out of him.”

Sherman has been vocally opposed to Thursday night football games, calling them a “poopfest” last season in an article for The Player’s Tribune and “terrible” again in an interview with ESPN this past week. He’s cited the NFL’s hypocritical stance on promoting player safety as his main concern, noting that having only three days of rest before playing another game doesn’t do anyone any favors.

When the media asked Pete Carroll about this, he didn’t want to comment. “I don’t want to pay anything so I’m not going to comment on anything,” he said. And other Seahawks teammates were in agreement, with wide receiver Doug Baldwin claiming “guys don’t have time to recover.”

Baldwin was asked by reporters if this was Exhibit A for why Thursday night games should be abandoned, and the Seahawks receiver responded with “absolutely.” “It’s Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit D, Exhibit Z. Thursday night football should be illegal,” he concluded.

Sherman wasn’t the only injury the Seahawks suffered in Thursday’s game either, with the team losing left tackle Duane Brown and running back C.J. Prosise to sprained ankles, defensive tackle Jarran Reed to a hamstring injury, linebacker Michael Wilhoite to a calf injury, and a few others to minor ailments.

“There was guys dropping down on both sides with serious, minor injuries,” Seattle linebacker Bobby Wagner said. “We play a very physical game, a very physical sport, and to ask us to turn around and be ready after Sunday to turn around and have our bodies OK on that Thursday, it’s really tough to do. I hope the league is watching. Hopefully they’ll look at it and see what happens and change this format.”

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