Marijuana has an interesting history in the United States. It went from being legal to illegal and now it’s fighting its way back into the hearts and minds of Americans. So, the question now is can it enhance performance of athletes?

Before the 1930s, cannabis was in many of our medications. It relaxed the body and took care of headaches. It targeted bad cells and made them chill. It was a good go-to drug that had many benefits and the people were generally healthy.

Marijuana Goes Under Attack


So, it had to go. Propaganda started to circulate that marijuana would cause men of color to be violent and to offer white women money for intimacy. If a lady had some good marijuana, she might just take him up on that offer. So, that had to stop. Forget about violence and solicitation, it was the marijuana that became the target.

Also, Mexican immigration was bothering people. So, the government thought it was a great idea to blame the Mexicans for smuggling marijuana into America. This gave authorities the right to search and deport immigrants at the drop of a hat.

That was how it started. By the 1930s, marijuana was illegal and it was labeled a very bad drug. People who smoked committed crimes. They robbed stores and they were violent people. The government will literally do anything to keep people away from something.

Will You Be Able To Run, Or Run Better?


But the ’60s and ’70s proved to be the American breakthrough. People no longer feared the drug. So now, the propaganda was geared toward how it limited potential and killed brain cells. One by one, these myths have been dispelled.

States are legalizing marijuana. It’s a cure again for many things. It’s like we’re back on track because we’re seeing through the propaganda and using our own minds. But can marijuana enhance performance for athletes? I don’t know. Ask Michael Phelps!

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