Aaron Judge not only had a phenomenal first year with the New York Yankees, but he was also named 2017’s AL Rookie of the Year. How did the city’s most passionate baseball fans feel about that? Well, apparently pumped enough to vote for him in this past November’s mayoral race.

Judge actually received 10 votes from New Yorkers during the voting back on November 7, according to an NYC Board of Elections certification report. Though he still lost to the re-elected candidate Bill de Blasio by 760,000 votes, he did finish highest in the voting among other New York Yankees, and pro athletes residing in the big apple in general.

Other current and former Yankees receiving nods included the icon, Derek Jeter, and recently replaced manager, Joe Girardi, both of whom finished with two votes each. Another manager in Joe Torre, along with Don Mattingly and Darryl Strawberry also received a single vote themselves.

New York Knicks power forward/center Kristaps Porzingis actually got nine votes of his own, in addition to two more that were technically not counted due to misspellings. Giants quarterback Eli Manning also followed just behind Judge’s 10 write-ins with nine of his own.

Technically, any of these current and former athletes receiving votes would make a lot more sense than those who wrote in fictional characters, including the likes of Captain Crunch, Bugs Bunny, and Spongebob Squarepants, all of which received their own votes for whatever reason.

There were also plenty of notable names receiving write-ins, even though plenty of them don’t reside in, and cannot govern in the state of New York, including former president Barack Obama, current president Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin, LaVar Ball, and Beyoncé, among others. Jesus Christ also got three votes, so that goes to show how wide-ranging these local elections can be.

However, although Judge received a respectable amount of notoriety from his city-dwelling peers, he heads in the offseason looking to build off a more-than-impressive first year in the MLB. We can almost be sure that by the time the next mayoral election comes Judge will be receiving even more votes, assuming he’s still leading the way as a Yankee.

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