Athletes like to dress up for Halloween just like the rest of us. More often than not, it’s harder for them when they have games surrounding the spooky holiday, but if a costume party is happening at the same time they have a day off, you can fully expect some big surprises.

This was undoubtedly the case for the Cleveland Cavaliers, who decided that they’d make a team effort to show up with some of the best costumes in the establishment. And yes, this did include stars like LeBron James and his new teammate and good buddy Dwyane Wade.

King James certainly raised his scare level to the max, with the superstar becoming pretty much the tallest Pennywise anyone has ever seen. With the It-inspired character stepping into the club looking like that, we’re sure attendees were surprised to find out he concealed his identity so well!

His counterpart, Dwyane Wade, joined forces with his wife and actress Gabrielle Union, and the two took on one of the most notorious lip-syncing duos of all time. Dressed up as Milli Vanilli, the two even posted a short video on Twitter of them reenacting one of the artist’s signature moves. We’ll let you decide if Gabrielle’s or Dwyane’s moves were better.

And arguably the best costume of the bunch was presented by Cav’s veteran Kyle Korver, who not only presented himself as a flawless Willy Wonka, but even brought Oompa Loompas along with him! Now those are some quality friends if they tag along to enhance your characterization!

The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently sitting on a less-than-impressive 3-4 record, but there’s still 75 games left in their NBA season, so it’s nice to see them out having some Halloween fun before the season gets serious. Their next game will take place on November 1, when they welcome the Indiana Pacers into the Quicken Loans Arena.

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