Dan Richards has raised a few eyebrows in the Wrestling world. He came on the scene as the “Progressive Liberal.” You know that’s going to bring a lot of heat to the sport, a sport that thrives on drama.

It’s actually a good act. It’s wrong to stereotype a group of people. But it’s a good bet that the Wrestling fans in the audience are probably not about to hear liberal ideas, especially since this is Appalachian Mountain wrestling. They clearly don’t want to talk politics, and definitely don’t want politics mixed into their entertainment, which is watching guys beat each other up.

He’s Talking About Programming People

Progressive Liberal

What has made Wrestling so interesting over the years is the amount of drama they bring to the ring. Someone is always beefing with someone. They get in the ring with microphones and they talk for ten to fifteen minutes about their thoughts and feelings on another wrestler. They build up to a climax where someone rushes the stage, and the fight is on.

Is it supposed to happen? Are things supposed to go down that way? I’m not going to ruin it for the Wrestling fans who might not know what’s going on behind the scenes. I’ll keep that to myself. But, the Progressive Liberal is going to fit in just fine.

He Is The Voice Of Controversy

Progressive Liberal

He definitely isn’t preaching to the choir. He’s trying to convert the audience and other wrestlers. He puts people down because they don’t believe the same as him. He’s talking about programming the masses to accept his way of life. That is definitely hitting a nerve.

He’s the perfect character for the sport. With characters like the Grim Reaper and the Undertaker, there’s a Crow guy and another Masked Crusader, the Progressive Liberal will fit right into the mix. He’s going to bring his own level of drama, which is what makes the sport work for all the people in attendance. What works better for bringing the drama than politics?

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