In every corner of the Internet, your local sports bar, your office, maybe even your house, there is someone who has an opinion on who should win the NBA MVP Award this year.

The supposed front-runners are the Rockets’ James Harden and the Thunder’s Russell Westbrook.

Don’t forget, however, when you plead your case for one of the above two players that both Kawhi Leonard of the Spurs and the king of the court, LeBron James (Cavs) are still in the mix.

But what about the guys that would know who the Maurice Podoloff Trophy should be awarded to for the 2016-17 season better than anyone because they played in the league?

The only Hall of Famer getting any notice for his favorite is Oscar Robertson, and that’s because his choice, Westbrook, became the only player since “The Big O” in 1961-62 to average a triple-double in a season. Westbrook also broke Robertson’s record for most trip-doubs with 42 this year.

“The Big O” Gives Russ Big Support

It turns out, other pro ballers have opinions on who the league’s Most Valuable Player award should go to. Here’s a few of them:

Steph Curry – Two-Time NBA MVP (2015, 2016)

“I am going to cop out, but you’ve got ask me in 16 games when the 82’s over.” When asked how he’d choose in March, as a basketball fan, Curry replied, “I’d probably say James (Harden).”

Shaquille O’Neal – Hall Of Famer And The 2000 NBA MVP

“If you had James Harden ahead of Russell Westbrook … you’re wrong.

Kobe Bryant – The 2008 NBA MVP

“I truly feel it has to be co-MVPs. You can’t possibly pick one from the season that they’re having. We’ve never seen this before,” speaking about Harden and Westbrook.

James Jones – James’ Teammate (Miami 2010-14, Cavaliers 2014-Present)

He (James) relies more on different things, depending on what the team needs. That’s the difference. If our team needed him to lead the league in transition points, if that was good enough for us, that’s what he’d do. If it was leading the league in paint points, that’s what he’d do. If it was assists, he’d do it. But this team is different. This team needs him to be great in everything.”

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