And as soon as Young was rocking the bling, the cameras and media personnel began to rave about the spectacular nature of the chain, quickly debating the origin of such a thing.

“I knew it was going to be big because no one has done the chain, but this has been crazy,” Machado said. And for his shop, AJ’s Jewelry in Miami, Machado has experienced a big boom in business. He’s already replicated a bunch of smaller “turnover chains,” and he’s received hundreds of more requests both on social media and in his store.

Many sports memorabilia companies are also trying to take advantage of the hype, with some already selling licensed T-shirts that display the chain on it — and they’re selling out extremely quickly.

Former linebacker D.J. Williams is just one of the retailers who is licensed to sell the turnover chain shirts for his brand Dyme Lyfe, and his approach was to exaggerate the glitzy chain even further on his apparel. The result was nearly $20,000 worth of orders over the first night, and more than $200,000 in sales since, with the biggest seller being, believe it or not, baby onesies.

We were like, ‘This is Miami, people want flashy,'” Williams said. “I wanted the turnover chain on my shirt to be oversized, just like the actual chain. It’s ridiculous, it’s obnoxious, but that’s what makes it cool. I want the shirt to look like when you wear it, you’re going to have lower back problems due to how heavy the Cuban link is.”

And so far it’s certainly been a nice incentive, with the Miami Hurricanes currently sitting on an 8-0 record and ranking seventh in the country’s top-25 poll. The Canes have forced 19 turnovers already through eight games, which ties the number they had all of last season.

Certainly everyone is getting in on the excitement, with a plethora of knock-off and custom homemade turnover chains popping up all over the streets of South Florida. But most importantly, it’s motivating the players in a positive manner. Defensive back Michael Jackson, who leads the team in turnovers with four interceptions, attested to this.

“It’s amazing. We’re like, ‘Who’s going to get the turnover chain this week?'” he said. “No matter what happens, no matter what time in the game, we all want that chain. I know everybody else in the country wants that thing.”

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