The world of cricket is often a diverse one, and with so many different playing styles stemming from all over the globe, it becomes very curious when one certain thing seems very unorthodox. That’s surely the case for a young Sri Lankan bowler, who is turning heads with his wacky delivery technique.

Footage from the Youth Asia Cup in Malaysia has given cricket fans a look at a new 18-year-old by the name of Kevin Koththigoda, who’s spinning for Sri Lanka’s Under-19 squad. His form is reminiscent of South African bowler Paul Adams, whose delivery style was originally referred to as a “frog in a blender.”

But Koththigoda has taken his contortionist practices to the next level, tossing the ball while his right arm’s rotation is at its apex, and with his body bent all the way to the left. This allows him to deliver a forceful and tricky bowl, all while remaining accurate. But how does he do it? Well, his teammates say it just comes natural.

“He has a very unusual action. It’s like that of Paul Adams. The action wasn’t coached or anything, it came naturally to him,” his teammate Dhammika Sudarshansa said in an interview with CricBuzz.

“Initially, he was struggling with the length as he couldn’t see the pitch, but he has improved tremendously. Since his action is unique, the batsmen get confused. He has got a very bright future ahead of him,” Sudarshana added. “He has an incredible action, but lands the ball in the right areas.”

Koththigoda now joins India’s Shivil Kaushik and New Zealand’s Blake Coburn as the other young spinners who’ve been utilizing this over-the-head delivery, although the Sri Lankan’s form is much more contorted than the other two.

Most recently, Koththigoda led his Sri Lanka teammates to a 61-run victory over Afghanistan, which has led to a lot of exposure for both he and his nation, who are currently sitting in sixth place in the ICC standings.

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