Atlanta Falcons – 9.5 Wins

The Falcons are going to have major Super Bowl hangover this season. It’s just tough to come back and have a good start, after epically blowing a shot like that. With the move of offensive-coordinator Kyle Shanahan to the 49ers, the offense would be set back, even without the loss. The devastated team will likely hit the under on this one with a 9-7 record. Vegas tends to be right on their predictions, so don’t get caught up in the Falcons’ hype.

Dallas Cowboys – 9.5 Wins

This is a tough one. Some expect Dak and Zeke to regress, while some expect them to be dominant again. There are good arguments for both sides, so the odds got set somewhere in the middle. Ten wins seems fair for the team though. While the league will definitely adjust, the Cowboys are experienced enough, and have enough talent, to make the necessary changes and maintain their playoff status. Expect a bit of regression for Prescott, but expect Elliott to surge forward, and continue on towards elite status.

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