The injuries have been affecting NFL players for years. Not just broken bones and torn ligaments, but there are injuries that players have sustained and weren’t even aware of until years later. Warren Sapp is suffering from memory loss because of the game and he wants to leave it better than when he came into it.

Warren Sapp is one of the best players to play the game. He played for Tampa Bay when they won the Super Bowl. The team he beat was the Oakland Raiders, the team he would go on to play for at the end of his career.

He had a phenomenal career. But now he’s suffering from those invisible injuries players sustain during the game. They’re going a hundred miles an hour, hitting each other like they want to kill, and what they walk away with doesn’t always hurt right away.

The Game Had Fewer Rules At One Time

Brain injuries have been sustained by players since the beginning of the game. But when the game first began, those injuries weren’t noted. There weren’t any studies. If a man walked off the field, he was good. And no one had any idea what was wrong with him later on in life if he started behaving differently or if he took his own life.

These days, there is awareness. The game has changed its rules to protect the players. But the game of NFL is hard hitting. It’s hard to protect players from everything. So, what are they going to do?

They’re Out There Trying To Kill Each Other

Warren Sapp has decided to donate his brain to medical research. He says he’s been suffering memory loss on the simplest little things. He writes a to-do list so that he can remember things he needs to do for the day. He forgets things that used to be second nature to him.

Hopefully, it does some good. Warren Sapp really does want to leave the game better than when he came into it. If it can help save one person, it’s worth it.

Warren Sapp Makes His Announcement

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