We are now well into the MLB regular season, so who’s on top so far?  Well in this case, it’s an easy question to answer. The Washington Nationals have been on an absolute tear since the season kicked off. They have a great pitching staff, but it has been the offense that has really shown. In April, the Nats have put up 14 runs in 5 different games. This is an absurd stat when you consider that the rest of the league only accomplished this feat seven times in the same span.  

Leading the way for the Washington squad is Bryce Harper. Not last year’s Bryce, but the stud that we saw in 2015. So far, Harper is hitting a scintillating .376 with 9 homers and a record-breaking 35 runs. This is the player that we were all expecting last year, but it looks like it took him an extra season to make the adjustment.

The biggest Surprise for this Nationals team has been the resurrection of Ryan Zimmerman. Over the first 27 games, he’s batting .424 with 11 homers and 30 RBIs. Not bad for the guy who hit .218 last year… According to Zimmerman, the change has been in his launch angle. Even with a bad average he was still hitting the ball hard, he was just hitting it into the ground. With the changed angle it will lead to more fly-outs, and a whole lot more balls flying out of the park.

Unfortunately for the Nats, Adam Eaton tore his ACL about a week ago and will be out for the season. However, it’s hard to pity them too much, given the fact that they currently have 6 players who are hitting over .300. Even Matt Wieters looks like an All-Star again. In fact, Wieters last hit over .300 in 2014, and in that year, he only played 26 games.  

At this point, we haven’t even touched on Trea Turner and Daniel Murphy yet. Both are having tremendous seasons, and both will likely be in contention for making the All-Star game. Sadly, we don’t have time to touch on them since we haven’t even made it to the pitching staff yet!

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