Colin Kaepernick is still out of a job. Now, some may argue that it’s because he’s just not good enough to earn one. However, there’s just no evidence to support that claim. Matt McGloin, David Fales, Case Keenum, EJ Manuel, and Mark Sanchez all were signed in the offseason, and Kaepernick is quantifiably better than all of them. In fact, Blaine Gabbert was recently signed by the Cardinals, and Kaepernick outplayed Blaine for the entirety of last season.

So why are all of the teams scared of an inconsistent, but still talented, quarterback? The answer is pretty simple: Teams are avoiding him because they don’t want the distraction, and they don’t want to deal with the public opinion storm surrounding him. The problem is both of these are bad answers. Let’s take all of the objections one at a time.  

Objection: Kaepernick is not being signed because he is a washed up quarterback.  

Answer: Last season, Kaepernick’s QB rating was 17th overall in the league.  This is above many starters that have secure jobs. Tyrod Taylor, Philip Rivers, Joe Flacco, Carson Palmer, and many others all ranked lower than Kaepernick last season. This isn’t even counting all of the backups that were listed previously. Colin is also only 29 years old, so he’s not due for an athletic decline just yet.

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