Recently, rumors have been swirling about LeBron potentially leaving Cleveland. Whether these rumors are true or not, the Cavaliers need to prepare for a post-LBJ era. Even if he stays, James is getting on towards the end of his career. He’s only 32 years old, but he has been playing in the NBA since high school.

Cleveland reacted in dramatic fashion when LBJ left back in 2010. The city was sent reeling, and frankly most fans would admit that the strength of their reaction was uncalled for. At this point however, a LeBron exit wouldn’t hurt as much. James already led the Cavs to a championship. The problems now are more economic in nature. When LBJ returned in 2014, it was estimated that he added $500 million in net worth to the city. Since then, downtown Cleveland has thrived around the stadium.

LeBron and Cleveland have become synonymous, and James has helped to take the city to new heights. Sadly, his time is limited. He may move on to another team in order to chase Jordan’s ring count, or he may retire. Either way, Cleveland needs a new plan.

Fortunately, Kyrie Irving has become a media sensation. His character, Uncle Drew, has gone viral. Hopefully he can pick up the slack as James declines. The Cavaliers are also discussing the acquisition of Paul George from the Pacers. This could give the Cavs another star of the future, and Irving and George could become a dynamic duo.

Speculation aside, the Cavs certainly have a lot of decisions to make in the coming years. Is it better to move LeBron and try to rebuild? Or should they try and acquire more pieces to try and beat the Warriors? You decide!

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